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Larson Davis Spartan 730

The first truely wireless dosimeter. The Spartan Noise Dosimeter Model 730 is designed to make worker noise dose measurements easy and fast. With Spartan, control test setup and measurements directly from the Larson Davis Atlas mobile app. All essential tasks can be completed from your iOS or Android device.

Syscom ROCK

SYSCOM ROCK is a compact vibration monitoring device, embedded with extra long autonomy feature, therefore operable in a cable-free manner. It integrates highly innovative and proven technologies, using ultra low power components. The complete solution provided with the Syscom Cloud Software (SCS) brings unrivalled ease of use.

Larson Davis HVM200

The ever so popular HVM100 has been superseded by the HVM200 Vibration Meter. The HVM200 is a small rugged vibration meter with built in Wi-Fi that can be used to measure hand-arm (HAV), whole body (WBV) and general vibration. It includes the metrics and frequency weightings needed to measure human vibration..

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We at PC Environmental supply reliable sound level monitoring and durable vibration equipment, such as the Larson Davis HVM200, 831, Spartan 730, LxT-SE, Syscom MR3000c, ROCK and Benstone Impaq Elite. Our products and services can cater for most of your noise and vibration needs, be it ground vibration monitoring, to work place noise monitoring. We specialise in products manufactured by Larson Davis, Syscom, Benstone and PCB.

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