Larson Davis DNA Software

Analyzing noise and vibration data can be difficult. Its not often easy to see the patterns or recognize the nuances of complex data sets. Furthermore, presenting data in a way that is meaningful can be challenging, yet perhaps our most important task.

DNA (Data, Navigation, and Analysis) makes maneuvering through extensive data a simple operation and putting together meaningful reports has never been easier.

Some of DNAs many features include:

  • Setup and control of Larson Davis Models 831, SoundTrack LxT, HVM100, 720, 812, 820, 824, 2900B, & 3000+.
  • Multiple live data displays on the PC screen.
  • Stream data directly from analyser to PC hard drive, including sound files.
  • Read stored data files from analyser or disk.
  • Create report templates for easy graphing and printing.
  • Organize templates, graphics, and measurements for easy recall.
  • Reports can integrate text, graphics, pictures, or embedded objects (OLE 2.0) such as MS Word, MS Excel and .WAV files.
  • Graph 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 octave, FFT and zoom FFT, SLM parameters; statistical distribution and more!
  • Cursor synchronization between different types of graphics with drag and drop functionality for use in a wide variety of applications.

One Software Package for Unlimited Needs
DNA was developed to integrate and fully support all types of measurements made with Larson Davis noise and vibration instrumentation. It replaces the need for several different software applications to achieve what you really want for display, analysis, and reporting of all project measurement data. DNA quickly produces high quality charts, reports, and presentations.

Real-time Display Mode
DNA displays and controls measurement data on a PC in real-time, while maintaining access to all of the instruments measurement and analysis functions.

DNA is What You See Is What You Get software. You place, resize, and manipulate graphical objects, images, graphs, text, and other types of objects on a page. What you see displayed on the screen remains unchanged on the printed report.

Instruments Supported
DNA software interfaces with the Larson Davis Models 812, 820, 824, 831, LxT, HVM100, 2900B, & 3200+ via RS-232 and RS-422. It provides instrument setup and direct conversion and display of data files.

Measurement Organization
DNA saves all measurement-related files as elements of a project file. Project files can contain measurement data, page descriptions, images, audio files, etc. All data are organized in a tree structure (like Windows Explorer). In addition, DNA allows you to drag & drop any object onto project reports.

It is possible to perform any kind of graphic presentation with dimensions, scaling, dotted lines, bar graphs, overlaying, linear and log scales, EU, cursor synchronized among the graphics displayed, etc. Any combination of graphs and objects (even an entire document) can be saved as a template. In addition, you can perform cumulative distribution versus time and for each frequency band, percentile Ln versus time and frequency; frequency versus time, speed, distance or rpm; order analysis, RT-60, etc.

Data Post-Processing
DNA calculates functions including all mathematical operations from data blocks, spectra, multi-spectra, levels versus time, engine revolution or speed, and more. Levels of selected spectral bands can be modified or cancelled, both in frequency and in time domain, for data matrix or multi-spectra. Several weighting curves are included with the software.

Click here to download the Larson Davis DNA Software Brochure

PC Environmental HVM Utility Software

We are pleased to announce version 6.14 of our HVM100 Utility Software. In conjunction with our bespoke Vibration Measurement solution (the HVM100 Human Vibration Meter) the software is designed to provide instantaneous tool assessments to the all new standards, including the HSE recommended points system. The software provides the user with the ability to provide each employee with their own exposure record.ability to provide each employee with their own exposure record.

With an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) and at one click of a button the data can be downloaded directly from the instrument and then with another each file register can be saved directly into a tool database.

Each File Register can be included for each tool or ignored by simply selecting the appropriate files. The tool is then given a rated level based on the averaged results.

After a comprehensive data base of tools is collated the system can then be used to provide each worker with their own vibration risk management record. This can be used to balance tool usage to keep vibration exposure to within present legal limits or to balance tool usage to company specific limits.

“Vibration exposure Risk Assessment and Management has never been easier”.

Free Software

Various free software such as Larson Davis SLM Utility G3, Larson Davis SLM Utility G4, Syscom EAW V4.6 Software, Syscom VIEW2002 V3.1 Software and more, can be found here. If you can't find the software you need, get in contact with us and we will do our best to help.